Sunday, October 01, 2006

Has 300 Years Changed Anything?

Are there any similarities between Salem in the 1690s and our society today?

Questions to consider:

Are our justice systems similar?
Which takes precedence and why in Salem 1692 and the United States 2006-- individual freedom, or safety for the greater whole?
Are we driven by the same needs and values as the Puritans were?


Blogger danielle s said...

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Blogger danielle s said...

Both Salem and our society base themselves around fear, fear of consequences thats how we attempt to deter people from wrong doing. Are justice systems are very different suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and ligitimate evidence is used in the court of law in order to prove one guilty. However, in Salem you are taken to prison if you are simply accused, and that accusation alone can prove you to be guilty. In Salem I think they believe in saftey for the greater whole, while in America they want each person to have their individual freedoms. There are very few things similar between the Purtain society are ours.

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