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PostSecret and Poe

After looking at the sample PostSecrets, why do you think so many people send these in? What's the appeal? Is this something you would consider doing?

After reading "Fall of the House of Usher" and "The Tell-Tale Heart," why do you think Poe is fascinated by stories about deep, dark secrets? Why is he such a popular American author? What does this say about American society?


Blogger mattheww said...

I posted first

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Blogger zoek said...

I think people send these in because it's a way to get something off your chest, but its anonymous so nobody will know that its you, which is the appeal in sharing. I dont think I would do this, only because I dont have a lot of secrets, and if I did I wouldnt share them with a bunch of people that I've never met. Maybe Poe is fascinated by deep dark secrets because they make for an interesting story. I think Poe is such a popular American author because almost all Americans can relate to keeping a secret, or having to hide some part of themselves and their lives.

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Blogger mattheww said...

The appeal of PostSecret is that you can send in whatever you want and confess anything and no one will ever know that it was you. It’s a way to get something off your chest without anyone knowing that it was you. I wouldn’t personally do anything like that because I wouldn’t trust anyone online with that kind of personal information.
I think Poe had some deep, dark secrets himself and his writing was a way to express small bits of his secrets. Like The Fall of the House of Usher might have been his way of writing about him seeing a friend’s suicide and trying to write about it to try and vent. I have no idea why he is such a popular author, I personally think the guy is kind of freaky, but whatever. I think it says that we do have quite a diverse array of people in our society. I don’t like his writing very much, but some people may think that his writing is the coolest thing ever. We all have different tastes in writing so; I don’t think it says that much about American society that he’s very popular.

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Blogger danielle s said...

I think people post these comments in order to reach out for attention slash help. They probably wouldn’t admit this straight up however I think that is there intention deep down. The appeal may also being able to view others problems realizing that maybe your situation isn’t really that bad, a definite comfort factor in controversial times. I would never post myself because I’m the type of person that keeps my serious problems to myself or at least within my group of close friends. I think Poe is fascinated by tales of deep dark secrets because it keeps the reader interested, this is why he is such a popular author himself. I think he says there is and will always be something secretive that we don’t know or understand about our American society.

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Blogger amberh said...

Poe writes about deep and dark secrets because it is something that everyone can relate to. Everyone has secrets, and sometimes it helps to get them out into the open. I think that the Postsecret blog is an opportunity to do this without being judged on what you have to say. I wouldn’t do this just because I think secrets are kept secret for a reason. Poe is such a famous American author because everyone wants to know something that no one else does.

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Blogger keithw said...

I think that a lot of people send in these post cards because it gives them a kind of relief that they are telling somebody what they did. They like top know that the weight is kind of off their shoulders. I don’t have any deep dark secrets or anything that I would like to share, on the website. I have not ever run over my friend’s cat or anything like that. I think that Poe is fascinated by stories about deep, dark secrets because he might have grown up in that type of environment. He likes to write dark stories because it is expressing a lot of his feelings and he likes to show them in a deep and dark way. I think that Americans like his literature because he not a normal author and he do not write like a lot of authors. He goes against the system and shows his feelings and doesn't care what other people think about him. It says that Americans are attracted to people or things that aren't normal and go against the system.

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Blogger Alyssa W. said...

I think that people send these into PostSecret because it is their own way of talking about there guilt and secrets that they can’t talk about with someone who knows who they are. They turn to this website kind of like it is a diary except that they are telling the world there secret; they are just doing so as a nameless being. I think that Poe actually finds amusement in talking about peoples secrets because in “The Tell-Tale Heart” Poe makes the character almost amusing to read about how he is creeped out about this guy’s eye and wants to kill just the ‘evil eye’. He might also think that they make for a better gothic story. When a story talks about someone who has a deep dark secret, it makes it so that you want to keep reading and find out what the secret is.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Jordan L said...

I think so many people send these secrets in because they feel that they can let out their deepest thoughts and concerns about life without having anyone know who they are. To tell someone something helps to deal with what you are feeling or the secret they have. When they are allowed to tell these secrets online without revealing who they are, they feel a sense of relief because their secret is out there. Sometimes, it is easier to tell a stranger your secret who you think you’ll never see again than to tell someone that you know very well. I think I would consider doing this, not that I have deep dark secrets such as the ones on this site but if I ever do, and I need to get it out I would consider saying it on this site. I think Poe is fascinated by these deep dark secrets because it is a part of society that is hidden from the world. Secrets are not to be told and therefore they are not talked about, not known about and not shown. Poe, however, takes these secrets and reveals them to the world. He surfaces these secrets in deep dark literature and coincidently people are intrigued by this writing because they are so out of the norm to talk about in society. American society wants to hear these secrets because they are hidden. As Americans we like to know what we don’t know. In other words it is so appealing to us because we don’t know about some of these secrets that could be being kept, so when we have a chance to read something that is considered a deep dark secret we want to know about it and we are fascinated by it.

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Blogger Lizzie A said...

I think that the reason why so many people send things in to PostSecrets is because everyone has secrets and wants to share them, and this is how they can do it without worrying that someone would think badly of them for it. I think that Poe has such a fascination for deep dark secrets because it is fascinating to think of what effect having those secrets will do to a person. He may also find it fascinating, because he probably has, like most all people on this earth has had a secret and wanted to share it, but been unable to. American society is made up of people who love to feel better about themselves, and hearing about someone who is being tormented by a deep dark secret may be what they need to make themselves feel better about themselves.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Brittany F said...

I think so many people send these in because it is a way of getting things off your chest without revealing who you are. The appeal is seeing that other people have problems or secrets just like you and that you’re not alone with the feelings you have. I think I would do this because when the burden of something you're struggling with gets so heavy but you can't talk to anyone it's a way of getting it out in the open without revealing your identity. I think Poe is fascinated by stories about deep, dark secrets because it is intriguing to the reader and makes you feel like he is personally telling you exactly what happens as if you are a close friend that would never reveal it. I think he is such a popular American author because his secrets he reveals makes the readers secrets seem very minor making them feel better about themselves. This says that American society today has so many dark secrets whether they are major or minor everyone has them but few people have enough pride or dignity to share them.

7:56 AM  
Blogger jessie-w said...

People are human and there for feel gilt. We all live with some secret that we need to get off our chest but sometimes we can’t tell the people we love. I think people are fascinated with this site because they need to get that pressure off their chest. Just knowing that someone out there now knows is comforting. It’s like talking to someone who is not listening. They may not understand or know what you’re saying or coming from but it just feels good to talk to them. I might consider sending something into this site but I don’t have a secret that I just couldn’t tell my best friend.

I believe that Poe is fascinated with deep dark secrets. It’s human for people to have secrets and that’s why it’s so fascinating to read about. I think Poe is a popular American author because people want to be creped out. People want that eerie vibe. It’s something that is in side of all of us that Poe lets out. When it comes to American society I believe that in general people want to read something that they can relate to on some level. That doesn’t mean we’re going to go out and kill someone, but some of us have had the thought, even if it were for just a second.

7:56 AM  
Blogger MollyR said...

People send in their secrets to Post Secret because they need to tell someone about their secrets. Maybe the guilt is just too much for them to handle, and they want to get it off their minds. Other people might just do it for fun, and to give others a chance to laugh. I would never consider doing this. I don’t think I would want to post my secrets for any one in the world to read. I would not feel comfortable doing that. Poe is fascinated by deep and dark secrets. This might be because he has some deep, dark secrets of his own. Many people like his stories because they can relate to having deep, dark secrets. Reading about other people who have deep, dark secrets makes them not feel so bad about their own secrets. It comforts them to know about other people’s secrets.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Jeff B. said...

I think that people send in there deepest, darkest secrets because they are depressed about life and want attention and want people to feel bad for them. But I also believe that some people do this to bring relief on their lives, by spilling there secrets. Some people live terrible lives because they keep their whole life locked up, but when people let out their secrets, they feel a sense of relief.
Poe is such a popular American author because in his stories, he shows the characters lives as they are hiding secrets from the outside world, and shows how hiding secrets could ruin your life and make you crazy. I believe that Poe is so fascinated by stories about deep, dark secrets because of the power they can hold, and the way they can change lives.

7:56 AM  
Blogger karlak said...

I think that so many people send their deepest secrets to postsecret is because their sending it is a secret. So sharing their secret is not as bad since no one will know who it is and they won't know anyone who reads it, so it doesn't matter to them. I also think that they say their secret to get it off their chest. They might of had their secret for many years and never told anyone so finally they just let it out. I think that I would share a secret because no one would know who i was. However, i would not share my deepest secret, but just a little secret that if anyone knew it was me it wouldn't be terrible. I think that Poe is facinated by deep and dark secrets maybe because he has his own secret and doesn't won't to share it so he writes about others and their secrets. Poe is such a popular American author because Americans like to read about other peoples problem and watch them go down when they share their secrets and it's not them. This says that American society is very secretive and isn't willing to share their secrets but instead wacthes fictional characters share theirs.

7:57 AM  
Blogger PatrickW said...

I think that people send these in to postsecret because it makes them feel like they have told someone about what they have done. I would do it if I had a dark secret that i couldnt tell anybody because it would make me feel better about what i had done.

I think that Poe is fascinated by deep, dark stories because he might have been able to relate with something that he has written. Maybe he has deep dark secrets that he wants to tell somebody and cant. I also think that he is a popular author because he writes with such great detail and the fact that he writes about dark stories like nobody else it makes people want to read his stories.

7:57 AM  
Blogger umbertok said...

I think Poe and society is fascinated by deep dark secrets. Everyone has their secrets and it is a relief to let go of that secret by telling it to someone or something. The fact that the post secret does the posts anonymously makes things easier to share secrets because you don’t in a sense have to take responsibility for your actions. As long as the post secret world stays on the web, and no one takes things to far then everything is fine. What could go wrong is a world that is free of responsibility, in which chaos would rule.

7:57 AM  
Blogger JasonW1 said...

The reason I think that so many people send these in, is because they won’t to take a little weight off their shoulders and finally tell people their deepest secrets and the people who read them don’t know who they are from. This gives the person the freedom to tell their secrets and still not get in trouble for them. I think they also send these in so they can show people that there are other people just like them, who do make the same mistakes. I personally wouldn’t do this because I don’t believe I have anything to hide but if I did, I would definitely consider doing this because I think it would make me feel better.
Mr. Poe writes stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart,” because people can relate to these characters who do have deep dark secrets. He is such a popular author because many people do have secrets and they want to let them out but can’t and like to read about people with the same deals.

7:57 AM  
Blogger CecilyJ said...

I think that so many people send their secrets into PostSecret because its a way to annonymously share their deepest darkest secrets. It's a way to let go of something that you've held onto for so long. People can share their secrets without anyone having to know that they are theres. I would send my secrets into PostSecret because its a way to get them off of my shoulders but still not tell them. Sometimes secrets you are carrying aruond eat away at you and just being able to write them down helps. PostSecret is just like a journal except for the fact that other people can read it. I think Poe writes about deep dark secrets because its something that everyone can relate to. Everyone has secrets its just that some are bigger than others. The American society is interested about others secrets. There is always a lure to knowing a secret that no one else knows. Poe is popular because he writes about secrets that the public wants to hear about. He appeals to American society because everyone understands what he is writing about.

7:57 AM  
Blogger Scott A said...

I think this appeals to many people because it helps take things I think it is almost a relief when you get something off your chest that you have been worrying about. I don't find this very appealing because I am a people person, and I would not like not being able to talk about something if I needed it. I think that Poe is fascinated with deep dark secrets in his stories because that is what truly interests us deep down. Americans today love dark stories because there is something attractive with them.

7:57 AM  
Blogger emily k said...

I think that most people feel a need to share what is troubling them. However, they do not want to have the awkwardness near the people they truly care about. It’s intriguing to think that there is a way to express yourself without others trying to send them help. It’s a way to express your thoughts with out being rejected. I would consider sending them in, yet I’m not sure if I would want people reading things about me that I have never told any person before.
I think Poe is fascinated by the stories of the dark, deep secrets because he has some of his own. Poe might be writing about messed up people because he has some of that inside himself. I think some people may be able to relate to him or just find a way of connecting to the stories that he writes. Not every author has the ability to put the reader into the shoes of the characters of the story. He allows the reader to feel the anxiety that the narrator of the “Tell-Tale Heart” feels as the policemen sit in his chairs. This says that the American society has secrets in themselves.

7:58 AM  
Blogger GaryH said...

I believe that so many people send in these secret post cards because they want to get some secret information or something that they have held in a for a long time. By doing this it might relieve some stress or guilt from doing what they did. The appeal of this secret post card system is possibly to relieve the unimaginable pressure that some go under. I think I might consider doing something like this, just to see what it feels like to let one of you darkest secrets go out, so everyone or anyone can see it.
I think Poe writes so much about dark secrets and stories because he himself has many dark secrets, and by writing about such stories it might be a relief to him and help him handle that unimaginable pressure. He is such a popular artists because he shows and gives depth about things that most people hardly hear. People are fascinated with others secrets or stories.

7:58 AM  
Blogger EmilyL said...

I think so many people send their secrets in because it gives them some relief from holding their secret in. It makes them feel like they got some of the secret’s pressure off of their chest. It allows people to express their feelings about what is locked inside of them. Also in doing this no one will know it is them because they do not have to put their name on it. I do not think I would do this because I don’t really have any deep secrets that no one knows about.

Poe is so fascinating to Americans because he writes about thrilling, frightening, exciting, dark things. I think that he writes them because they lie deep inside him and he wants to get them out of him so he writes them in stories and poems. Others like these works by Poe because they like the thrilling feeling they get when they read them. They may also relate to some of them on a deeper level. People want to know secrets because it makes them feel important because very few or no one else knows about it. Secrets cause more pain being locked up in someone so people feel they need to get it out to relieve themselves of the pressure building up inside them.

7:58 AM  
Blogger JohnM said...

I think that so many people like to send in these secrets because they just need some relief contiually supressing their feelings. I think that is why Poe has been so popular over the years is because probably most americans have dirty little secrets that they don't want to share. I think those people can relate to Poe's writing.
I think that Poe is so fascinated in secrets because of the power that some secrets can hold. In "the Tell Tale Heart", the power of the secret of the hidden body was enough to make the murderer go insane and disclose the hiding place of the corpse.

7:58 AM  
Blogger MaureenM said...

I believe so many people send there secrets because it’s a way for them to get stuff off there chest. They don’t have to worry about what people think of them because they don’t have to share there name so they won’t be judged.

Poe is fascinated by dark, deep secrets because it always makes people think. His stories never come out with the secrets but its something you have to spend time thinking about to find them. His secrets that he has in his stories are dark and disturbing secrets that make people think about the most. I believe that people are interested in Poe's work because there are secrets that they do not deal with in their normal lives.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Hadley B. said...

I believe that so many people express their secrets on the blog because that is the only place where they can be completely honest. Sometimes when you have a secret you just need someone or something to tell it to. It some how lifts the weight off your shoulders and you feel like you aren’t hiding anything anymore. I know when I have a secret that I cannot share with people; I always write it down or something to get it out of me.

I don’t know much about Poe but I do think that just because he likes writing dark stories does not mean he is a dark person. He may be a dark person but for some reason I don’t think he is and I believe that he uses his writing to experience a different style of life. When people have a bad life, they tend to think about happier things and maybe Poe wanted to see what it would be like to live a darker way. Like Danielle said, it also keeps the reader interested and always keeps you wondering what is coming next.

7:59 AM  
Blogger BillM said...

I believe that many people send in to this blogspot as a way to get something off their back that they have been wanting to say but can only do anonymously. The appeal to this is being able to admit something so you don’t feel as bad about it or so happy that your able to admit something. I’m not to sure if I would be interested in doing this for I don’t know if I have a deep dark secret that I either haven’t already told or that would be considered a deep dark secret.
I think Poe is fascinated with these weird twisted stories for he is just intrigued by off beat out of the ordinary accounts of different events. I know of people who are big readers and find these kind of stories very interesting to read about and keeps there attention because they are so full of suspense and unpredictable happenings. Many people want to read stories that will stay interesting and keep them guessing and wanting to read. Then as far as the society some may just want to read something good and some people find it way to intriguing and read novels like these to get ideas or satisfy themselves in hearing of gory murders. I would not like to expand on that so that’s all I’ll say about those kind of people.

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